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Your new life begins here.

Divorce is taxing enough. But the process doesn't have to be. We help get you on the road to your new life. Let's start by creating your account.

Your new life begins here.

iDivorceU is a mobile application that revolutionizes the divorce industry! We have merged the two most powerful elements of the world – Law and Technology – to afford individuals from all walks of life and corners of the world the opportunity to divorce on an affordable global platform.


iDivorceU was formed in 2017 by the acquisition of mediation, actuarial software, and collaborative divorce. This process is fast, affordable and reliable. It is powered by komuteque, which amalgamates an indirect human experience to give both parties the power to divorce without the standard stigmas or cost.

Undo IDO.

Our raw komu tequenology unlocks the doors to a fast, affordable, and reliable way to get a divorce. We combine mediation and the logistics behind actuary probability forecast to provide a seamless divorce process.

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In an age where divorce rates are skyrocketing due to debt obligations, infidelity, and irreconcilable differences, iDivorceU offers a necessary avenue to diminish the financial hardship, emotional stress, judicial overload, and time of a divorce.

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